Police LED Sign


The Police LED Sign was developed to help law enforcement officers effectively communicate with drivers and pedestrians. This all-weather LED sign sets up in seconds and magnetically mounts to almost any police vehicle. Its light-weight and compact - specifically designed to fit inside a Crown Victoria trunk. The Police LED Sign is powered by the vehicles cigarette lighter outlet and can typically operate over 36 hours continuously on battery power alone. The unit automatically shuts down when vehicle voltage gets too low, ensuring the vehicle will always start. when needed. The Police LED Sign's scrolling message can be easily read in bright daylight or at night with its programmable dimming feature. Pre-programmed phrases can be quickly selected using the included remote control or custom phrases can be entered within seconds. Messages can also be programmed and displayed in several languages.


Whether its an outdoor event, an accident scene or a road hazard ahead, our Police LED Sign will undoubtedly enhance both officer and public safety by providing clear and effective communication to motorists and pedestrians.



Police LED Sign




Police Car LED Sign


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