Surveillance System FAQs



Frequently Asked Questions


How long does it take to deliver your Mobile Video Surveillance System?

Each system is made to order and the usual delivery time is approximately six or eight

weeks from the time of order.


How many people does it take to operate?

The mast and hitch combo weighs approximately 70-100 pounds (depending on mast selected)

and can be easily operated by a single person. In addition the hitch is equipped with wheels

which make transporting for storage to and from the vehicle very easy.


What type of vehicle is required?

Just about any vehicle that has a 2x2" square ( class III ) hitch receiver can be used.

The system can also be adapted to suit common receivers types used in other countries.

For military applications, a plate mount can be bolted to the standard pintle hitch

location on a Hummvee.


Does the telescopic mast require guy wires for support?

No, the mast is supported by a patented vehicle mount that adjusts the tilt to achieve a

vertical orientation prior to raising.


What are the advantages of elevated mobile video surveillance?

The higher vantage point allows unobstructed, longer range surveillance - some uses include:

- viewing upper levels of structures for tactical police use.

- recording fleeing vehicles in DUI  roadblocks.

- outdoor events such as concerts, parades and sporting events. It provides outstanding

  monitoring/deterrent capability, sending a message to potential criminals that they are

  being watched and recorded.

- investigative video of crime scenes/ auto accidents/ stakeouts.

- monitoring highway construction sites.

- For Military users the system can provide all terrain threat recognition and identification.

  This system is especially suited for confined-area urban combat where viewing over structures   or compound walls can provide timely, critical information to soldiers in the field.


Can the vehicle be driven when the telescopic mast is raised?

No, the mast must be lowered before driving, however the PTZ can be used in the lowered mast

position - this provides excellent situational awareness and recording for vehicle convoys.


Why does it have a platform to stand on?

This allows quick and easy access to the top of the mast for changing, adjusting or removing

the camera or other components.


How high is the mast when it is lowered for driving and is the camera attached?

The camera can be quickly removed for traveling at high speed or on rough roads.

The mast, with camera removed, is 7 feet tall plus the height of the vehicle's hitch above the

ground. This provides ample clearance from all roadway hazzards except parking garages.

For comparison, tractor trailers have a maximum height of 13' 6" in the United States.


Are there any limitations or warning associated with the MVS System?

As with anything elevated and metal, the user must not operate in close proximity to

power lines or when lightning is a possibility.


Does the camera move or sway when elevated?

On gusty days there is some movement depending on wind strength, however it typically

does not interfere with surveillance video quality. We choose o-ring masts over other types

since they provide the best rigidity.


How is the system powered and what is its duration?

The system uses 12-24 volts and a standard cigarette lighter outlet. It can also be purchased

with a standard NATO plug for military applications.

The system can operate with the engine running or with the ignition off.

When the engine is running, it has unlimited duration.


Which is better for mobile video surveillance, a UAV or a mast?

That depends on your needs, a telescoping mast has several advantages over a UAV such as unlimited duration all weather, larger camera with better zoom capability. Also, it is safer when operating near large crowds and is considered less intrusive than a UAV.


Can video be sent to another monitor, DVR or wireless transmitter?

The display/controller has two RCA  jacks allowing video out to other devices.

This is ideal for command center use with a large screen monitor or TV.


Can the camera be used without the telescopic mast?

Yes, we offer a roof mount option