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It works great and the guys are coming up with all kinds of situations for its use!
SWAT unit Commander Jeff Franzini after receiving his mobile video surveillance system


The MVS system was developed for police departments, the military, security use, or for any organization needing high quality, mobile video surveillance. Studies have proven that video surveillance cameras are among the most effective forms of crime prevention. The most outstanding feature of the MVS system is its mobility. It can quickly and easily relocate to surveillance areas, thus optimizing your detection ability, as well as providing maximum threat or criminal deterrence. The system is unique in that it incorporates a patented, multi-angle, telescopic mast mount, which allows positioning the mast vertically at any location, including uneven or sloping terrain. Unlike a large trailer mounted system, this more tactical mobile surveillance system can be used anywhere the vehicle can go.


The system attaches to any vehicle with a standard 2x2" receiver and pneumatically telescopes to elevations up to 32 feet. It is simple to use, takes only a minute to raise or lower, and can operate day or night in nearly all weather conditions. All video surveillance is done from inside the safety and comfort of your vehicle. To operate the system, the user simply tilts the mast vertically, locks it in place, and then activates the pump which raises the mast to the desired height. The combined PTZ controller/ display provide an unparalleled view from above in every direction.  All video can be recorded to a DVR with time/date stamp ( sold separately ). When its time to relocate, simply open an air release valve to lower the mast and drive to your next location.  A cellular DVR is offered which allows live video monitoring from a remote command center via a cellular air card.


All MVS components are of the highest quality and represent the leading edge in mobile video surveillance equipment. If your organization is looking for the most full-featured, cost-effective, mobile video surveillance system on the market today, please contact us so we can provide further information about its outstanding capabilities.


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Mobile Video Surveillance System setup and operation.



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