Video Surveillance Options


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The Mobile Sentry is a vehicle mounted mobile surveillance mast with cellular connectivity. This device allows a command center to visually back up officers in the field and can be left on scene to provide real time or recorded video of accidents, crime scenes, events, etc.

Can also be operated and viewed locally via wifi.

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vehicle mounted mobile surveillance mast



MVS System - Telescopic Vehicle Mast

telescopic vehicle mast

Attaches to the vehicles receiver and is designed for vehicle mobile video surveillance. The MVS System telescopes to approximately 32' and can accommodate a wide range of video surveillance cameras. Includes Video Camera Mounting Bracket and Locking Hitch Pin for vehicle receiver.

The MVS System  telescopic vehicle mast  is also available at B&H Photo

MVS System Options

We offer a variety of options depending on your specific mobile video surveillance needs.



Day or Night Near IR HD Camera with Video Display and Controller

 ( This is our most popular camera for law enforcement use )

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Mobile video surveillance camera

Perfect for day use or night mobile surveillance operations with some ambient light. Includes two outputs to send video to large-screen TV,DVR,video transmitter etc.



Dual Headed Thermal and Visible Light Camera

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Thermal Surveillance Camera

This combination thermal camera and visible light camera is outstanding for tactical mobile video surveillance in all lighting conditions. User can switch from color daylight camera to thermal camera for viewing in complete darkness.



Micro DVR


Perfect for in-vehicle, high resolution, recording with time/date stamp. Also doubles as a body-worn DVR for Law Enforcement/ Private Investigators. Touch Screen Display, Continuous Recording, Low Power Consumption.


Surveillance Camera DVR



Cellular DVR


Video Surveillance DVR


Allows live remote surveillance video monitoring from anywhere using a standard web browser.Connectivity via cellular data card such as Verizon, Sprint or others. Records all video to internal drive and also allows remote access of recordings. WiFi capable. Operates with vehicle 12V power.



   Command Center Wall Mount for Pneumatic Mast


Telescoping Surveillance Camera Mast

This rugged mount pivots to horizontal allowing easy access to the top of the mast. It is ideal for police command center use.



Tripod Base for Telescoping Mast


telescoping mast base


Allows stand-alone operation of the mast.



Electric Air Pump

Plugs into cigarette lighter outlet and uses vehicle power to quickly raise the pneumatic mast.




12Volt LED Floodlight


Telescoping Mast Light


12 Volt Floodlight provides 14,000 Lumens.Adjustable tilt, Instant on, Long-life LED. Uses vehicle battery - no generator required.



    * Need a vehicle mounted telescoping mast?

    We offer the full line of pneumatic masts from Clark Masts.



Additional Products from Venture Tec LLC


Inspection Pole Cam with Wifi Sony Camcorder


portable mast

View and record live video from over 20 foot elevation (Ipad not included)

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"Utility Cam" - Covert Surveillance Camera System

hidden Video Surveillance Camera

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Motion-activated, long-duration covert surveillance. Perfect for capturing theft or vandalisim. Click photo for details.



Police LED Sign

Police LED Sign

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All weather - bright/clear daylight/night LED.Magnetic mount and powered by cigarette lighter. Pre-programed with commonly used phrases.Input custom phrases in seconds with included remote.Designed to fit inside the Crown Victoria trunk.


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