"On its first use, your Utility Cam caught the thief whos been hitting our vacation home.

The police are reviewing the video now!"         J. Redmond


Introducing the all new " Utility Cam" Mobile Surveillance System

The Utility Cam was specifically designed to offer concealed surveillance capability to law enforcement. The unit sets up in seconds and provides live video to any remote computer using a standard web browser. Video is sent over cellular networks using a data card from either Verizon or AT&T and all video is recorded internally with time and date stamp for later review . Other features include motion-activated recording, email or text notification, and built in GPS tracking. The system is designed to operate in all conditions, day or night, with its low-light all weather camera. Two quick-change lenses are included with the unit, providing a wide or narrow field of view. The device is fully charged over night by simply plugging it into a wall outlet. Its smart charger will top off the high-capacity, fully-sealed batteries and then switch to a maintenance charge so its always ready for use.   This unit is ideal for recording theft or vandalism and is indispensible for law enforcement and other agencies needing remote surveillance capability.



Warning signs indicate " Do Not Tamper - May Cause Injury or Death "

Camera view is through the locking mechanism located at the mid section.   

The system looks like a standard utility housing and blends into nearly any setting.


Removable foot spike allows use on sloping terrain and can be removed when using   

the system on hard surfaces.

The Top Cover provides all weather capability and access to the components.

The housing is 1/4 " high strenghth plastic and virtually indestructable.          

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